April 30, 2021
CheckIT – Digital Service Process
April 30, 2021


Next Level Menupricing

Like all menupricing systems our menupricing solution is able to provide the right menus for the right car.

But we go much further…

  • Right to the point Service advise
    Based on age, mileage, service history and customer behavior
  • An interactive pricing system
  • Extensive promotion tooling
  • Tire quotation tooling
  • Customer Negotiation tooling
  • Discount and Dealer Menus
  • Second-line comparison
  • Modification and Recall integrated
  • SMR contract management
  • Customer Quotations Websites
  • Self Learning - AI
  • And much more

More than 3000 dealers and multiple Manufacturers in Europe depending on Direct Access Menupricing. We also provide a growing number of international Dealer & retail Holdings with Menupricing technology. Our goal is always to support the Dealer, NSC and its Manufacturer with the best tools to grow their business in Parts & Service.